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Brian Willet, CMFC Photo
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Brian Willet, CMFC

Founder & CEO


My passion for financial planning all began in 2007 as I started an independent financial advisor practice at an independent broker-dealer, Waddell & Reed. My passion grew as I moved into a leadership position. After innovating Waddell & Reed for almost 14 years, I decided that while I was in the right industry, I could make an even greater impact as a fee-only advisor who was able to make recommendations that truly served my clients’ best interests. It's about more than an advisors' integrity and intentions; the ability to truly serve clients in their best interest is also heavily impacted by the structure limitations of their organzition.

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Upon having this vision, I decided to leave the independent broker-dealer world and pursue starting up Beyond Tangible Wealth as a fee-only advisor who is only paid by my clients (not a broker-dealer or insurance company).

Every day, I enjoy finding new ways to better serve our clients - #ThinkInnovation. Owning Beyond Tangible Wealth means I can use my past experience of leading a large broker-dealer to better guide my firm in selecting the best structure to serve clients. Beyond Tangible Wealth will continue to grow and make a real difference in our clients lives, future financial advisors lives, and our communities. Outside of work, Michelle (my wife) and I enjoy traveling to Hawaii where we first met, parenting our active kids Asher & Zara, and serving in our local church. When we’re not doing that, we enjoy going to sporting events with our kids, working outside, or just relaxing at home.

Tell us about your 30-under-30 award from 2015?

I was blessed to be recognized as a leader changing the financial advisor industry in Life Health Magazine's 30-Under-30 list in 2015.

What’s the most likely place people could find you on a Friday night?

My wife and I would be on a date. Friday nights are our scheduled date night and we are blessed with grandparents willing and able to watch our kids. Last year, we went on 50 date nights.

Why are you so passionate about Family-Owned Businesses?

I grew up in a family of all entrepreneurs. My dad started his own construction business when I was in Kindergarten, my uncles owned farms/diesel machanic shops/tree cutting businesses, etc., and my grandparents were both entrepeneur farmers. I literally thought growing up that every family in the United States owned a family business 😀. Later in life, I realized how unique this experience was and how special a family-owned business can be. If you grow up in an enviornment like I did, you can't help but have a passion, love and unique understanding of family-owned businesses.

What sports did you play in high school or college?

I played basketball & baseball in high school, and was blessed with the opportunity to play basketball at both Morningside College and Nebraska Wesleyan University during my college years.

If you had the ability to travel back in time, what’s something you would tell yourself in 2007 as you started in the financial advisor industry?

Greed & Fear - these are the only two things you will ultimately consult with people about as a financial advisor and industry leader.

Kendall Hahn, CFP Photo
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Kendall Hahn, CFP

Vice-President of Operations & Financial Advisor


I began my career in the financial industry in 1996 after graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a finance degree.  It did not take me long to realize my passion for helping people achieve their goals through a financial planning process.  Our process is not a one size fits all approach.  It's customizable to your unique situation.  This is what makes the financial planning process powerful for you as we work together to achieve not only your financial goals, but your intangible goals as well.

My approach in providing financial planning to clients has always been by doing what is in the best interest of my client.  This philosophy has served me well since I started my career and continues to guide me.  Educating clients on the opportunities and pitfalls that lie ahead and assisting them on making the best decision for themselves, with our ongoing coaching, provides them with the best chance of achieving their goals.

My other passions are my faith and my family.  My wife, Magali, and I serve in our local church, play sand volleyball and love to travel…usually somewhere there is a beach.  We have 3 boys: Tyler, Seth (identical twins) and Ayden.  I was the youngest of six kids (5 boys & 1 girl) and we grew up on a farm in northwest Kansas.  We were taught by our parents to work hard and do what is right.  It has served us all well.

Matt Cumro  Photo
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Matt Cumro

Client Experience Associate


Everyday, I enjoy helping Beyond Tangible Wealth change the experience clients have with their financial advisor.  I spend most of my time thinking about our clients' relationship with our firm and how we can best serve them.  Outside of work, Sally (my wife) and I enjoy traveling to California, parenting our kids Kolbe, Kateri, and Casey, and following our favorite sports teams.

Reid Hoffmann Photo
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Reid Hoffmann

Operations Specialist


I was blessed to have parents that allowed me to invest in the stock market at a young age, and ever since then I’ve been passionate about finance. After watching several family members lost significant amounts of their retirement in 2008 and seeing how their behavior during that moment in time still impacts their lives today, I realized how important a financial advisor who focuses on a coaching service model could be to a clients' financial life.  I'm excited to grow in my career of serving people with Beyond Tangible Wealth.

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After meeting with numerous financial advisors, from various companies, over the past few years it became very clear to me that most financial advisors only care about selling products, instead of serving people, creating deeper relationships, and leading clients to financial success through their financial behaviors. This is why I chose to join Beyond Tangible Wealth. It was clear they are trying to change the experience clients receive to be coaching service centered instead of product sales. Each day I make it my goal to serve others before myself. I am extremely thankful to be a part of Beyond Tangible Wealth, where I can do just that as an Operations Specialist and further develop my career path in the future.

I was born and raised in York, Nebraska and I am currently attending Nebraska Wesleyan University where I am studying Business Administration. My faith, family, and work are the three most important things in my life, in that order. On the weekends, I love to cheer on the Huskers, go boating, travel, golf, fish, work out, and go to church.