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Welcome to Beyond Tangible Wealth

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Welcome to Beyond Tangible Wealth. Please check back for more blog posts in the future and feel free to share your email if you would like to receive notices about new blog posts. Beyond Tangible Wealth was created to serve clients first; it was designed by me (Brian Willet) from over 14 years of leading and innovating a broker-dealer in the financial advisor industry to change from a product sales model to a client coaching service model. Your financial advisor should be focused on you, have your interests in the heart of recommendations, and help you accomplish more than you thought possible in your lifetime. I've used everything I've learned along the way to build the ideal financial advisor business to serve you.

You may be asking, what does the name Beyond Tangible Wealth stand for? Financial Planning is not just about the tangible; Financial Planning should focus on the intangible core value system each client has in order to fulfill its mission. Just stop and think about your life, if you are able to accomplish your tangible goals (buy a house, buy a boat, take a vacation, retire on time, etc.) but in order to do that you have to break your intangible core value system around money, then will you truly be happy at the end? This is why Beyond Tangible Wealth focuses on the intangible core value system around money with each client first, therefore empowering you to accomplish your tangible goals through those intangible core values being used to make each financial decision.

Want to learn more?  Please feel comfortable scheduling a no-obligation first conversation with Brian. You can find the links to do this electronically on our website.

Brian W. Willet, CMFC

Founder & CEO 

Beyond Tangible Wealth